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Moving-on Policy

There are two "moving-on" events each year with cut-off dates to coincide with the first Monday of the autumn term and the Monday after the February half-term.

If, on the cut-off date, a young person will reach the maximum age of their current section (see table below) before the next cut-off date the young person shall be moved-on to the next section. Only in exceptional circumstances, such as a known departure within a few months or for diversity & inclusion reasons, should a mandatory progression be delayed. Any departure from the standard age ranges must be logged and approved as per POR 3.11b.

If, on the cut-off date the young person has reached the minimum age of the next section the young person may be moved-on to the next section. The decision of when to move-on the young person should be agreed between the Group Scout Leader and the relevant Section Leaders, potentially after consultation with parents and the young person themselves.

Your section leader should notify you if your child is due to move and determine if there are any awards and badges that need to be finished off and awarded before moving up to the next section. In the case of the Chief Scout’s bronze, silver and gold award there is a buffer period of up to three months after the moving-on date to complete the award.

Shortly before the move your child's records will be transferred between Sections in Online Scout Manager and you will be sent a new link to access the new section. Please take this opportunity to ensure all contact details are up to date.


  Minimum age
Core age range
Maximum age
Beavers 5 ¾ 6 8 8 ½
Cubs 7 ½ 8 10 ½ 11
Scouts 10 10 ½ 14 14 ½
Explorers 13 ½ 14 18 18
Network 17 ½ 18 25 25